he dressed up as paddington bear, not Garfield !!
I don't understand.
by Reggie Rhinocerous June 10, 2003
Annoying lil rat dude. He's yellow with black spots and looks like an anvil and cheese, two of the finest things in life.
The Cheat is GROUNDED! I installed that light switch so you could turn the light on and off. NOT so you could throw light switch raves!
by echeese December 27, 2003
Oh yeah, The Cheat is a striped green rabbit, with two butts. And Strong Bad has purple boxing gloves.
The King of Town was NOT going to eat The Cheat. Thats where he lives!
by Lenard April 25, 2004
The creature that did the Holly Jolly on the Panama Canal (<---not the panama canal)
by Oddjob July 16, 2003
Nope, most definitely Garfield. You can tell because of Garfield's teddy bear. And the fact that he doesn't have a duffel coat or yellow hat.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003

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