A small yellow fury animal that is sometimes mistaken for a cheese, an anvile, an ugly boud, or someting. Hangs out with Strong Bad and Strong Mad.
I help Strong Bad cheat at stuff, hence, the name. - The Cheat
by Stephen December 17, 2003
A cute little guy who is actually a badass sidekick for StrongBad.
Oh, the Cheat! My kawaii little snuggle-doo! ^^
by MikoNightShade September 07, 2003
yellow awsomeness that can do anything and is the only thing that is smarter than me. he is also a kicking bag at www.homestarrunner.com he also has his own song at www.homestarrunner.com/cheatvideo
three trophies for the cheat
by ??? November 11, 2003
An unknown,little,fury creature that is friends with Strong Mad and does things for Strong Mad. This creature cannot speak like humans, this creature speaks in an unknown language.
"hey the Cheat, go get me some cold ones." "Err-Ranrue!"
by Strong Bad\'s Advisor June 30, 2003
The Cheat is The Cheat. 'nuff said.
Mur-mur mur mur m-mur m-ur mur-ur mur.
by The Cheat October 29, 2003
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