I hope he doesn't end up in a hearse... at the cemetary.
'Cause once again that would mean that he's dead.

The Cheat is not dead, I'm so glad the cheat is not dead.
The Cheat is not dead, I'm so glad the cheat is not dead.
Hey, where'd this choir come from?
The Cheat is not dead, I'm so glad the cheat is not dead.
You guys sound great!
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
The son-of-a-bitch who speaks ENglish worse than bub!
Dear the Cheat: Say "Douglas."
by dj gs68 April 25, 2003
Badass sidekick of Strong Bad.
The Cheat is a Badass.
by D. Majors March 13, 2003
the best cheese/anvil/pikachu eater/pimp hybrid ever created
im so so glad the cheat is not dead... the cheat is not deaaaaaaaaaaaaad...im so glad the cheat is not dead
by poopanater November 02, 2003
A strange creature, probably from space. More popular than Strong Bad, though he won't admit it. Makes awesome music videos. Not to be confused with The Sneak.
Hey, The Cheat, have a trophy.
by Upsilon July 19, 2003
A little yellow cheetah type thing that smokes trophy lights. He does not live on 21st Jump Street and is known for screwing up the jumble caper. He was once Strong Badman's sidekick, but Stiny took over.
Who's the one that moves to the beat?
by fsagfsadgfdagdfhrtnuthfhnd June 18, 2003
1) A creature who plays the drums and the piano, is yellow with black spots, looks like a cheese/anvil, is excellent with computers, is an ally of Strong Bad, lives in the King of Town's grill, won a Pizza Award for helping Strong Bad with "To the Limmet", smokes, has been spotted dancing with a Pikachu, cheats, and sleeps in one of Coach Z's lockers.

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