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The act of sexual intercourse where the man is fucking the girl doggy-style. Then pulling the penis out and re-inserting into the anus violently. The female will then climb up the wall and change colors.
bro 1: Yo dude! Did you see Rebbeca try to claw up the wall last night at the party?

bro2: Yeah bra, Don gave her the Chameleon!
by FOSTAMONSTA January 27, 2011
1. Also known as Cam Man, Killah Cam, and Everybody's Favorite Lizard Boy.
2. Moron
3. See "Glaiven Knight"
Look at the fat kid!
Yah, he told Rebel to fuck himself.
Oh look, Rebel smashed his face with the Phalanx (see "Phalanx")!
by TheUrbanRebel October 21, 2003
Th biggest hypocrite and/or ass one will ever encounter.
Look, its thechameleon! He thinks he's cool because he says "steve can fuck himself"!
by madbitch October 11, 2003
a guy who needs to be shot for being such a moron and wearing womens clothing for halloween and trying to kiss guys while wearing french perfume
dude go home and change
by berserkr November 04, 2003
Fucking 11 year old dickweed that thinks Graal and stefan is cool. Everybody hopes that he burns in hell. Stefan must of corrupt his mind.
The Chameleon's computer was burned by a virus because he was so fucking stupid that he opened up the virus
by Raven Darkrav May 02, 2003
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