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A quirky character from Charlies Angels played by Tom Green.
There is only one captain of this love boat, and that is The Chad. -Tom Green
by Chad November 12, 2003
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Slang for one's Scrotum, when stretched out prior to a teabagging.
Trevor passed out on the couch, and barry snapped a pic as he layed the chad across his face.
by MaxP0wer April 23, 2006
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The leader of a well organized cult, often associated closely with binge drinking promiscuity and sodomy. Often viewed as an Legend through out the national guard. Though many out side of the military have had heard tales of his exploits.
Often stories of little johnny are followed by real life stories of "The Chad"

The Chad stories Include midgets partial amputees and the blind, only to name a few.
by Indomitable January 06, 2012
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A rare condition in which the subject gains an uncanny ability to cause any traffic light on any given road to turn red when arriving within 100 feet of said light. The Chads can easily lead to frustration and late arrival at destinations. Prolonged exposure can lead to depression, self harm, and in extremely rare cases, suicide. Named after Chad Powell, supposedly the first documented case subject.
Boss - Why are you late?
Worker - Sorry boss, I had a bad case of The Chads this morning, it took me 15 minutes longer than normal.
by M-Belks April 05, 2009
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