A small gesture or action in the present that can generate significant results in the future.
My client just referred their friend to me to help them find a home.

Sounds like The Butterfly Effect is in full motion!
by butterflyonthemove May 24, 2011
An illegal underground sex move where a man approaches a female in a group of friends, generally at a bar. After failing to hook up, the man walks away, then waits for her to be separated from her party. Once alone, he proceeds to knock her out and have his way. Once finished, he quietly returns her to the bar, so she wakes up seamlessly to her friends, as though nothing happened.
That hot chick totally blew me off, so I gave her the butterfly effect.
by darthdrg July 06, 2009
when you poo your pants and sit down creating a butterfly like wingspan across your arse!
ben shit himself in his garden and got a huge butterfly effect
by tel February 16, 2005
Um..a movie with Ashton Kutcher?
Yep,good ol Ashton Kutcher.
by TheWiggidy May 07, 2004
a band who australian wishes would just go away
"fuck i hate the butterfly effect. fucking nu-metal wankers!"
by jess May 09, 2004
An attempt from Ashton Kutcher to try a serious movie.
Ashton Kutcher, in a serious movie? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
by Mister Ignorant May 11, 2004
Sound like the Beatles.
by ! August 18, 2003

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