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To ejaculate into a womans belly button; then proceed to slap your penis "your bird" in the naval while chirping. "cherrrpppp cherrpppp"
I gave this bitch The Bird Bath last night.

She slapped me,

Then flew the coop
by lastcall215 August 22, 2011
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Spread the skin of your ball sack and make into a bowl. pour some sort of liquid into the newly made bowl. Swiftly jump up and down so the penis head slaps the liquid multiple times. Like a bird flapping his wings in the bird bath
Im going to give you the bird bath
by David the jew July 22, 2006
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The act of stretching your scrotum into a bowl shape while in the shower with a woman, then filling it with water and having her get down on her knees and drink from it.
Bro, I totally made her drink from the birdbath in the shower this morning.
by KeepItBasic March 28, 2010
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