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A euphemism for the female genitalia, or sex, or "gettin' yo dick sucked"
"hey man did you get you the puss last night?"

"hell yeah brah, that thang was slammin'."
by nna4lyfe January 11, 2010
That which is not to be hated on. There are three rules of The Puss:
1) Hit the puss like there's no tommorrow.
2) Never hate on the puss.
3) Ya gotsta protect The Puss with lethal force.
Joe: I turned down some Puss last night.
Bill: What!?
Joe: I just didn't feel like hitting The Puss.
Bill: We've been friends since we were babies, but I'm afraid this has to be done, pusshater!
<Bill kills Joe.>
Bill: Never hate on The Puss!
by Sean and Andy December 02, 2004
A facial expression usually by female to represent anger or disapointment.
He Mike did she give you The Puss today?
by deltaquebec July 29, 2014