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Sega 32X... yikes!
What a joke
by Tim November 12, 2003

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virtual boy
see virtual boy. You can only see red and black in those things.
The Worst System Ever Made has to be the Virtual Boy, seeing as it was a disgrace to the Nintendo name.
by Alexi November 14, 2003
I think its the Atari 5400, or one of those later Atari consoles.
I'll have an Atari 2100, please.
by Zach G. November 16, 2003
The PS2. Who cares DVD? I can see 'em in my computer and does NOT crashes. The system is bad, yes, it has many games but 70% of them very overhyped for nothing ("Final" Fantasy) or just way to shitty.

Loading takes years for it to finish, it crashes a lot and has the worst graphics between the three.

Pure shit.
If you actually love the PS2, you are a bastard. Please, get yourself a Xbox or a GC, I even recommend you a N-Gage or even a Atari with E.T. included!
by realass dude October 10, 2004