1. Noun: A stange phenonmenon affecting boring young white males, whom after entering the state of Wisconsin become somewhat bold in their actions. Possibly pathogen is from kissing Wisonsinite Girl for the first time. Does not affect europeans.
Tom: hey Micheal how's it going

Micheal: piss off

Tom: What's your deal?

Micheal: I went to wisconsin

Tom: Must be the Wisconsin Effect
by Mr_red_X July 25, 2009
Top Definition
A Phenomenon that occurs to people who upon entering Wisconsin territory, become pissy, moody, territorial, defensive, cocky, and use a new array of vocabulary because they have recently kissed a Wisconsinite and liked it. Europeans have natural immunity.
Zentner: Hey I'll be right back, I gotta go take a PISS.
Tom: Woah woah Zentner whats with this harsh language? You've never said words like that before.
Mario: Didn't you know? He went to Wisconsin and kissed Olga.
Justin: Its the Wisconsin Effect in action.
Zentner: What?!?! Tom, Imma gonna hitchu in da head.
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