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To earn YOUR Wing, YOU must experience the following:

Black - Sex with a black female
Blue - Eating out a dead lady
Brown - Anal sex with a female
Buffalo – Sex with a fat chick.
Gold - Receive a Golden shower from a female
Green - Eating out a lady who has an STD
Grey - Skull fucking a chick
Knife - Sex with your friends girlfriend
Pink - Sex with a white girl
Purple - Sex with a pregnant chick
Orange - Sex with a disabled
Rainbow – Sex with a dude
Red - Eat out a girl who is on her period
Silver - Sex with an old ass lady
White - Sex with a virgin lady
Yellow - Sex with a female of Asian decent
Mandingo: "Bro, why are you so out of it today, and the fuck is with that grin."
Silky: "Duuude, Last night with this one girl, I earned my White, Pink, Red, Brown, Gold, Grey, and Knife Wings."
Mandingo: "Sweeeet, but whats the Knife wing?"
Silky: "I fucked your Sloot girlfriend... DUECES!! AND SALUTE TO **The Wings System**!!!"
(Runs away)
by Silky Johnson ;D June 08, 2012
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