Top Definition
Spite wings- Sex in spite of a person for past events.
Ugly Wings - Sex with a Ugly person.
Orange - Sex with a disabled
Pink - Sex with a white person and or getting your white wings and red at the same time
Black - Sex with a black person or a widow
White - Sex with a virgin
Red - Sex with a woman who is having her period
Brown - Anal sex
Green - Sex with someone who has an STD
Yellow - Sex while pissing
Silver - Sex with an old person
Blue / purple- Sex with a dead person and or in the water;
Purple- Sex with a dead person and or Pregnant chick.
Gold - first golden shower.
Grey - Sex with someone who has grandchildren.
Platinum - gone down on a girl and made her squirt.
Rainbow - pukes into your mouth when you're kissing and. or gay sex.
buffalo wings - a fat girl or Sex with The fat that sticks out around the sides of a woman's bra strap.
Knife wings - Sex with your best friends girlfriend.

Wing Commander- When all wings have been met.
I herd Jonesy scratched off some wings off the wing system!
by TheySayJones January 28, 2010
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