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Sexual position in which the female partner is tied face down to an ottoman with knees touching the floor. The male partner thrusts from behind until the ottoman has reached the opposite wall of the living room. The male partner then spins the ottoman around and repeats the process. This continues until ejaculation is achieved and the female partner is rendered unconscious.

Turkish Coffee - Please see 'The Turk, anal'
Why did my chick leave your house covered in drywall and rug burns yesterday? You wanna know the truth? I gave her the turk and sent her packin'.
by Jank Bootsy November 09, 2009
Most commonly used to denote the name of a great sport player or player of any game. Unique in person.
"I heard that The Turk only comes and skates here on the first day of every other month" "Dude! The Turk is a legend. Did you see the 900 he did the other day?"
by Aka Paradox December 08, 2008

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