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To be ass raped. Roughly.
He went to a party, then was grabbed roughly from behind, turked, and woke up the following morning in a shopping trolley in Tesco's car park.
by CharlieilrahC May 20, 2008
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To be high as a kite. Past tense of to Turk, which means to smoke weed. Turkey is slang for weed in some Midwestern States.
I was really fucking turked last night, I couldn't even tie my own shoes.
by Turkeypup December 22, 2009
To be Turked or also commonly known as being 'Turkey'd'. This phrase is common in the North West of England, specifically Manchester.

The phrase originates from the city's Bar} culture where a group of people, typically male work colleagues enter into purchasing alcoholic beverages on a round basis. each member of the group purchases a drink for each member of the party.

Being 'Turked' is where one member of the party consciously avoids entering into this practice and somehow consistently manages to avoid entering into payment for both their own drinks and those of the other members. This act is known as being Turked or the derivative Turkey’d
Drinker 1: Howcome I came out with £50, only had 5 drinks and now have no money left?
Drinker 2: Someone is doing a 'Turk' fella, you've been Turked!
by Jack Roseby April 04, 2008
Getting screwed over as a result of your lack of knowledge of the local foods in a foreign land. For instance, you buy something called a "Big Turk" in Canada, what's inside is not at all what you expected. You've been turked.
I bought this weird sandwich in Charlotte and got turked the fuck up.

I went to Canada last week and got completely turked at an AM/PM.

You've been turked, my man.
by ISO50 August 21, 2009
the mornin after the night before taking drugs
i took a load of bumbles, now i am turked out da fuck
by gary w March 23, 2008
To be turked, robbed, led on to believe that something great is going to happen and then wakeing up the next morning to find a pool cue sticking out of your arse.
...youvvveeee beeeeeen turked! ...I'm gonna turk that mother fucker right up biatch...
by Mr Turkeyballs April 11, 2007
messing up when your skating and hurting yourself badly.
angela turked at maple skatepark... its a huge scar now!
by angela amnesiac September 02, 2006

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