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The Terminator occurs when you are having sexual intercourse with a woman, and just when you think she is going to have an orgasm, you pull out, stand up, and say "Ill be back"..You better run fast though, because she will be pissed.
"Hey John, I pulled a The Terminator on Jenni last night"

"You dumb shit!"
by Seedawgio October 26, 2008
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After John Cameron was mysteriously sent 47 years into the future to the year 2029 and back again in 1982 he suffered from numerous nightmares and headaches. Feeling that the only way to put his body at ease was to share his experience with the world and he wrote "The Terminator."
Knowing this would happen, SkyNet sent a large muscle bound cyborg back in time to 1982 in order to assassinate John Cameron before he would expose the future to the world through his upcoming film.
Due to strange happenings, the assassin cyborg became the lead star in Cameron's movie.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
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when a chick is givin you head, and you bust a nut on her face and cum in her eye. Her eye will get blood shot and cloudy just like the terminator's eye.
this bitch gave me head last night and i skeeted all over her face and gave her the terminator.
by Dirt MF McGert March 01, 2008
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After smoking cannabis, use eye drops in only one eye to remove the redness. It will leave you with one red eye which makes you the Terminator.
Dude!! Do the terminator before you go to work, then if anyone asks about your terminator eye tell them you got some weed in it.
by Fillyfill February 05, 2014
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