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The slang term for Bethlehem, Pa. Located in the Lehigh Valley, between A-town, and E-ton.
FTW? We gotta drive all the way to B-hem to pick up this chick?
by Southsidex3life August 24, 2007
Common name for the abandoned buildings of Bethlehem Steel on the banks of the Lehigh River in B-hem.
Yo, man, did you hear about Ethan? That guy got busted trespassing at The Steel.
by Southsidex3life August 24, 2007
The shortened word for the street "Grenadier Boulevard." The boulevard is actually an alley that runs behind Liberty High School in b-hem pa. It was named after the band that practicing marching on it for 2/3 of the year.
Band director GMac or KLong: "Ok, everyone down to Grenny for a game of follow the drill sergeant.

Stoner Kid: Hey man, wanna toke up with us at lunch? I'm parked down on Grenny.
by Southsidex3life October 31, 2007
The drainage ditch next to Lehigh Valley Hospital where everyone skates. And sometimes fights break out, and people get shot.
"Yo, man, tomorrow is ditch day, be at the ditch at 1!"
by Southsidex3life August 26, 2007
A challenge given to someone to use the word cockwaffle 11 times in one day. However, they cannot use it to describe someone, it must be used as a direct insult to someone's face.

The winner of the cockwaffle challenge generally gets something out of it.
Louisa: "Yo, guys, Zac gave Cameron the cockwaffle challenge today. It's gonna be sooo good"

Guys: "Oh lord, here is goes"

by Southsidex3life November 20, 2007

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