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A competition to see if a person can have sex with a member of the opposite gender from each of the 50 United States.

1) There must be a set time-frame. "I play until I'm married" does not count. For all we know, you never plan on getting married. The most typical time frame is after 4 years of college, as it's more acceptable to be promiscuous, and offers the best chances at meeting people from across the country.
2) The state that the person you are trying to seduce claims as their state of origin is the one that counts. For example, if a person says, "I'm from California, but I was born in Florida", Florida would be the state that the person counts as.

3) A state only counts if it is actual sex. No second or third base allowed.
4) A second party must validate that you had sex with this person, and that they are from said state.
5) If you cannot remember what state the person is from, they are invalid for play in The State Game until you re-contact them. Rule 4 then applies.
"Man, last night was crazy. How'd you do??"
"I got California AND Nevada!"
"God I love The State Game."

"I swear she was from Alaska!!"
"Where's her Facebook?"
"...she deleted it..."
"No Alaska for you."
by ASUASUASU May 17, 2012

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