The father of all family simulations. The sims allows the player to exprience the suburban life, from falling in love to being a total wreck, the sims brought it all. The main protagonists/antagonists are the goths (Mortimer, Bella and Cassandra). As families move in and chaos brews up. There are zany and hilarious adventure for any sim fortunate/unfortunate enough to go here.
Even after its sequel the sims still remain known for being the father of creating household simulations.
by derek June 26, 2005
a genius game made by electronic arts, (not maxis)which, after long periods of play, replaces your own life with the life of blocky people who you control. one of the best games ever, and statistically one of the best selling computer games ever.
the sims is an awesome game.
by jdunmer1018 March 09, 2005
a video game where you can get people to do almost ANYTHING
but be carful with the wife she is pretty strict.
the sims pc
by john November 09, 2003
An Awesome Video Game Series Where You Pretty Much Look After A Mini You!
You Have To Feed it,Make It GO To The Bathroom and shit like that
Oh Crap My Sim Just Died From A Fire In The Sims
#sims #oh crap #fire #you #died
by Seagulls Of Satan August 04, 2008
A computer/Console game that simulates life.

A great source for sitcom ideas/material.
I'm writing a sitcom based on my family from the sims.
#the sims #sitcom #family computer #console #game
by Carl Harper April 28, 2008
a game over a computer where you live the life you wish you had but never could get (for the most part because 1 of u has had to have acomplished that life)
guy1: hi

guy2: hi

guy1: do you play the sims its great you can go to parties, live life, get layed and have fun

guy2: no i dont

guy1: ha ha your a loser

guy2: no im not im doing all the shit u just listed tonight and i do it every other weekend and even better its not behind a computer

(guy2 walks away)

(guy1 stands there feeling like a retarded douche luckily he quits the sims and 6 months later at a party he meets guy 2 again)

(guy1 sees him)

guy1: hi

guy2: hi loser

guy1: wait i changed the sims is retarded

guy2: oh cool

guy1: yeah

guy2: wanna ditch this lame ass part and go have a beer then get layed by some hot chicks

guy1: alright

the end =)
#the sims #retarded #pointless #ea games #idiotic
by Skimboarder November 29, 2009
Popular bastardization of Maxis' classic SimCity series that effectively lets one play God in a small community. Popular with mild-mannered middle aged women and perverts, but for different reasons. Though many applaud Maxis' incredible success with the series others see it (and the subsequent abandonment/assimilation of SimCity) as blasphemy.
Oh Belinda, let me tell you about this most wonderful little neighborhood I've built at our next Tupperware party.

Sup lads I made those three dudes do it in the bathroom.
by C++ February 23, 2005
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