the greatest fucking cartoon ever. aside from al bundy, homer simpson should be all of americas hero.
if the simpsons ever make a bad show, it will still beat any cartoon from japan.
by simpsons for life August 30, 2003
A badass show, I thinks its as goods as ever still
Is the simpsons is getting too stale for you?

by Fenrah May 06, 2005
the Single greatest TV show of all time!!! Hilarious animated social commentary. Best....Show.....Ever...!!!
The Simpsons is a great show!
by But of Course! December 28, 2003
The best fucking thing to happen to tv since it was invented
The simpsons. Best. tv show. ever.
by Simpsons 4 ever June 26, 2004
awesome. i think the episode where homer takes over for mr smithers, as mr burns personal assistant is the best. lol!!! or the one where homer travels back in time with the toaster.
marge: homer, did u remember to feed the fishies?
homer: uuuuhh..erm...yeah....?
marge: well done sweety
homer (to lisa) lisa dear, are goldfishes suposed to float on their back?
Lisa: no?
Homer: DOH!!!
by wizkey January 11, 2005
The first episode (Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire) aired for the first time on December 17, 1989. But this was only the first full episode. Before this episode, there were shorts, that began airing in April of 1987 on the Tracy Ullman Show and stopped in May, 1989. This show was the first of its kind and it raised all sorts of controversy. Before The Simpsons, all cartoons were child-friendly, but this was the first cartoon show concerning adult themes not suitable for children. 17 seasons in, The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom of all time, and it's still a great show, but I noticed Homer is no longer reluctant to swear. Before (Homer the Heretic - August 10, 1992) in the one that Homer doesn't go to church and he accidentally sets his house on fire, he's in the shower and looks both ways before he says, "you bet your sweet...ASS." Matt Groening also went on to create Futurama, which is also an incredible funny show.
I don’t care what any of you think, but the Simpsons are and always will be the greatest T.V. family. I love the show to death, the only reason I'm even passing English is because I memorized everything Lisa says and this show basically raised me. Family Guy is shit. Everything on that show is cheap crap and a lot of it is just storylines stolen from the Simpsons (EX. I know a lot of people are going to go NO WHAT DID FAMILY GUY STEAL!?!? well here's a beautiful example: Episode that Santa's Little Helper got that girl dog pregnant, and he went on the track and started humping her, Brian did the EXACT same thing). The worst episode of the Simpsons is better than the best episode of Family Guy. The show is desperately lacking in humor these days, but I still love it and I always will, and I will stay with it until its painful defeat and after, when nothing is left but clips on that "Back In..." show on channel 64.
The Simpsons (episode 1F01 – October 21, 1993) "Rosebud" --

Smithers: And now, here are some men who are sure to go far.
(curtains open)
Joey Ramone: This gig sucks!
Johnny Ramone: Up yours, Springfield!
(song begins)
Joey: "Happy Birthday to you!"
The Ramones: "Happy Birthday!"
Joey: "Happy Birthday to you!"
The Ramones: "Happy Birthday!"
Joey: "Happy Birthday, Burnsy, Happy Birthday to you!"
(song ends)
C.J. Ramone: Go to hell you old bastard!
(curtains close)
Marky Ramone: I think they liked us!
Montgomery Burns: Have the Rolling Stones killed.
Smithers: Sir, those aren’t...
Burns: Do as I say!

That's my favourite episode because its hilarious and Homer doesn't come off as a slovenly, boorish animal. He comes off like more of an idiot than a bastard, and more of a good father than a negligent one.
by ?!!?!?! October 16, 2005
Every one should want to be Homer Simpson.
1) He never has to do anything.... Marge does it for him.
2) He gets to come home to a giant meal, beer, and the TV. (What more could you ask for in life.)
3) He is one of the stars so no matter how much he fucks up he still never gets in trouble.
4) No matter how bad things are he can still laugh. Not because he has hope...but because he has no damn clue what the hell is going on.
5) All he has to do at work is sit there and eat donut.

** I could go in and on about him but if you aren't convinced now that he has it good then...get a fucking life!!! **
The Simpson’s is the best fucking show ever and for those who don't think so.... you can go suck a male camel stick!!!
by Molly May 09, 2003

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