A phrase that describes something that is good, comparible with 'cool' or 'hip'.

The term was first coined by hardcore punk teenagers in the southwest of England during the first part of the new millenium who were tired of using outdated words used by 'scenesters' and 'topshop blands'.

The Sex is often used when referring to something with erotic conitations to add emphasis to the particular act or activity.

Other variations of 'The Sex' include 'le sex', which adds a French flavour to the phrase again increasing the erotic conitations ever further.
That girl is the sex!
by Jumpin Jack Flash May 18, 2006
(n) a descriptive noun used to show that something is utterly and completely awesome or amazing. Generally not used to describe sex.
Person 1: How was your weekend?
Person 2: Awesome! I won a hot dog eating contest and I met Brad Pitt. It was the sex.
by May 11, 2009
The sex is not just simply two words, but a meaning, it is a adjective, verb, and noun. It is anything you want it to be and more. Could use it for good or bad, there is no wrong way to use it
"Dude you kinda look like the sex today"

"We just had the sex"
by BENN BENN April 21, 2016
The Sex is the
A) The sexiest sexy time sex you've ever had.

B) A person who is the epitome of sexy
A) Dude: Yo last night i had The Sex with _____

Bro: No way man I heard shes a freak in the bedroom
B) Guy 1: Dude look at her she has the best ass I've ever seen and look at those eyes... wow

Guy 2: Dude thats Brittany she's the sex. she's berry hot.
by radmak November 29, 2012
something (usually a person) that is too cool to be described by weak words such as "cool" or "awesome"
(you look really cool and know it)
i feel like the sex
by MR_09 January 12, 2008
"The sex" is a way of saying that something is really cool or that someone is incredibly hot/sexy.
For example:
"Those shoes are the sex!"
"Ville Valo and Johnny Depp are the sex!"

(The second example is actually a fact. Don't deny it!)
by mynameisasecret December 22, 2006
a phrase implying that something is exceptionally good/mind blowing.
The new Flaming Lips CD is the sex.
Did you try those nachos? They're THE SEXX.
by Martina Giselle July 21, 2006
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