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A female student who does a term paper on masturbation and does more research then actual writing. With Two in the Pink and a pen full of ink waiting for the muse to write.
Guy#1: So this student got the record for Masturbation while doing a paper on the topic of Masturbation. Wonder what if he got stumped would this be a case of Writer's cock?

Guy#2: Awesome...I believe it would. But what if it was a girl. :)

Guy#1: Then it would be 2 in the pink and a pen full of Ink
and I shall I shall dub it.... "The Scholar" Hence, Use the Scholar make her Hollar.

Guy#2: Dude, that's Shakepearean.

Guy#1: I'm a Filthy Genius.
#the shocker #the spocker #the rocker #the high schooler #scholor
by Filthy Genius September 20, 2011
When having sex with a woman, taking her from behind and using her back as a desk - a place where you can put your laptop, textbooks, notes, etc. to get some homework done.
Dude, how'd you get that paper done last night? I could hear you and Jenny from the other room.
We decided to try The Scholar. It's a great multitasking technique.
#sex #positions #school #homework #scholar
by B-Jazzle March 12, 2010
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