Anytime the subject of the conversion obviates the need to ask the full version question
Context / Full test of The Question

People who used to live in Utah: "So you a mormon?"
Girlfriend with long term boyfriend: "Will you marry me?"
New Relationships: "How may men you been with?"
Tall guys: "You play basketball?"
Shaquille O'Neill: "So how big IS your penis?"
High School Female Gym Teacher: "So you're gay right?"
Mensa members: "So if you are so damn smart why aren't you rich?"
For women about new boyfriends: "So is my dick bigger or smaller than most dudes you been with?"
For women with big boobs: "They real?" or alternatively "Why don't you just stuff your bra?"
For old women that live alone: "So how many cats do YOU have?"
For old men that live alone "So is that smell BO, farts, mildew, or what exactly?"
For fat ladies: "When you due?"
For fat men: "so can you actually SEE your penis without a mirror?" or alternately "Do you have to wipe your ass with a rag on a stick?"
by snausages333 October 22, 2006
Top Definition
the official proposal of marriage
See: pop the question
James, i don't know if I'm ready to answer the question yet. I mean I love you, but this is a long-term commitment.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
The great answer, 42, was found by the mice, yet they did not know the question. I believe the question is:
"How many billions of people must die before man realizes his great mistake?"
This is my belief. I do not yet know the great mistake, but I think once 42 billion have died due to the mistake it will become known.
"Dude, I know the answer but whats The Question?"
"How many billions of people must die before man realizes his great mistake!"
"forty two!"
by kyk January 27, 2008
Its question, with "the" put in front of it.

this can generally mean, a most important question, often different in everyone's mind
can range from
"what is da meaning of life"
"should i wear the pink dress or the blue on my d8?"
by random_bulldog August 31, 2003
A legend passed down from generation to generation... some say it's a myth, others cannot phathom the possibility of it's existance, nonetheless in any situation, drunk or sober, when a male approaches an intellectual convo and just happens to pop in, oh so nonchalant... "do you shave?," and then proceeds to resume conversation as if the question was never uttered.
"How about the Bears game... I think they have a chance at winning the Super Bowl, by the way, do you shave?" (Pause for comprehension)" you think they have a chance?"
by Bruce Dickinson July 05, 2003
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