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the best 4x800 and 4x400 track relay teams in the nation. consists of Curran M., Matt M., Kevin H, Luke D.
man we got our shit wrecked by The Quad in that race
by curran989 December 17, 2008
what follows the three peat the act of jizzing four times while jacking off. The quad was thought impossible until recent research.
Dude did you here john downed three tylonol pm last night and pulled off the Quad
by TFroster February 14, 2010
as commonly known for the number four, as in four people, or a group of four. It is also known that a quad is and has been a very awesome group of people.
The quad is coming to the party tonight.
by NicNac1995 January 29, 2011
When you are doing the misses doggy style and her arse cheeks are banging against your Quad muscles
Damn, The Quads I had with that ho last night were something else
by Bob in Dubai November 21, 2010
(1)Ahhh the Quad, a converted lounge, able to sleep 12+, representing the who's who on the University of Michigan campus, consisting of the 120 three musketeers and Dr. Beau Brodtmann and some South Quad snowball fight losers.
(2)Home of the survivor and lots of dead soldiers
(3)Known for it's rank smell and contaminated floor (including but not limited to vomit, alcohol, urine, excrement, semen, and vaginal fluid)
The Quad Rocks
I'm going Quadding today
Fucking Quad
I am so Quad right now
by The Giver March 10, 2005
1)Mostly known on HBCU campuses as the hang out spot.
2)Home of the divine nine's territory, on HBCU campuses
3)Also known as the yard
1)Meet me on the quad so we can chill.
3)The Kappas run the quad at BCU
by BCU2889 May 19, 2008
The Quad is made up of Jen w, Ash w, Jen L, and Cariann Q.

The are a group of 4 "friends" who make up an evil empire called "the quad"
"The Quad is crazy"
"Get out of the Quad Jen!"
"Cari= Fidel Castro"
by Ryan Gunsalus October 12, 2004

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