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The musket occurs when the condom slips off while having sex with a girl, unbeknownst to both partners. The man, unaware of the event, pushes the condom deeper and deeper inside of her with each following thrust, simulating the packing of a musket.
"Dude, I think I gave her the musket last night."
by Cawthon2007 October 25, 2011
When a single uncooked kernel of corn is inserted into the opening of a penis. During sex, semen acts as gunpowder to the unsuspecting kernel, fireing it into the woman, causing immediate death, or a weird look.
I knew a girl who fell victim to the cold death of the musket, shot down in her prime.
by theryno May 18, 2007
The act of packing you penis hole with cocaine, then penetrating then analy penetrating the other party. When climaxing the cocaine will spray into the lower intestin causing an instant high. Also known as "the Pompeï"
I gave her the musket and she was forever blowing bubbles!
by matchstickmen January 27, 2011
a sexual act where the male shits on his partners asshole while he/she has their ass in the air. the male then packs the shit into the asshole such as you would gunpowder in the barrel of a musket. the receiving partner then power shits it out like a musket.
Dik gives his dog the musket every night.
by Evan, Marshall, and Andy February 06, 2008

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