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Tapping together all remote controls into one super remote.
The Megatron... Sky remote; Tv remote; Dvd remote; Video remote; Stereo remote inclusive. Best to use duct tape.

Says Sofa Masturbators Not Urban Freewheelers

<See Peep Show S5:Ep1>

Kyle: The Megatron!
by Ben Darling May 19, 2008
Similar to the donkey punch...
Whilst having sex in the doggy style position, the dealer yells out loud

"You have failed me for the last time Star Scream!"
followed by the dealer punching the receiver in the back of the head.
I totally gave jenny the MegaTron last word... EpicEjac.
by ClaverFlav June 28, 2010
A sex move involving the man pulling out of a woman while having sex in the back of a truck, and dumping his load into the engine of the car.

In rare cases, the vehicle has been known to transform on site and immediately begin searching for the All Spark.
Oh what the hell! I really wish i never did the Megatron because now my brand new truck it out searching the world for the All Spark.
by Black man, little suit, May 30, 2010
The Connection Of Pubic Hairs Between A Male/Females Arsecrack and Genitals. Generally Seen Only Went Bent Over... Suggesting You Are A "Bad Guy" and "Don't Mess With Him, The Megatron Will Devourer You!"
(If Only A Picture Could Explain The MegaTron :P)
by Ps3rp October 07, 2009

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