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The ladder you must climb after fighting The End. The hardest boss in MGS3
I totally beat the ladder today
by bbbigbossbb November 23, 2005
A sexual move consisting in 4 steps:
1. Starting the ladder by giving a blow job to the woman getting her almost to the point of orgasim.
2. Next step is to penitrate the woman and let her orgasim.
3. After the woman has orgasimed the man proceeds to move up to her brests and start titty fucking.
4. The man then moves up to have the woman finish him off with a blow job.
You must work hard to finish the ladder before you blow! Each step getting harder and harder to proceed to the next.
It is usually preformed with the man on top moving up but it can be preformed with better control with the woman on top going downwords.
Dude I almost got to the top of the ladder but i only made it to the third step and then i jizzed all over her titties!

I made it all the way up the ladder, HURRAY!
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