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1. Common term used to characterize a wealthy snob who is useually only concerned about himself and as seen to be extremely greedy, which often amazes his peers due to his wealth.

2. Yiddish slang for a man who enjoys fucking women on they're periods.

3. Greek slang for Whipped.
1. "I can't believe the jt made dan buy the dutch with his coins, he had 4 fucking twenities on the dash."

2. "Thats disgusting, the jt said he enjoys fuckin a bitch when shes on her period."

3."The jt drove to the city, then drove all the way back an hour cause Shanikwa told him she needed her purse."
by happy bares February 12, 2008
This is a Jesse Turner creation (hence the JT) consisting of $5 champagne with a splash of the cheapest pink lemonade available! Good substitute for mimosas!
The JT is getting me bubbly as Fuck!
by j_turn May 25, 2012
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