The hottest, sexiest, most gorgeous, fun, etc. have got to be the Gotti Boys. They're the sexiest men in the free world and beyond!!!Frank, the youngest, seems to be the sweetest out of the 3 and the most athletic. John, the sexiest, is such a ladies man. You can just tell by his melting smile and good-looks. The oldest, Carmine, is great. He's hotte! His smile is the sexiest on the planet. His piercing eyes don't hurt either! I LOVE THE GOTTI BOYS! (and i luv them more than anyone else does so kiss it. especially if your a Gotti boy! ha-ha!)
by Gottis #1 fan, Vanessa <3 April 12, 2005
Top Definition
A bunch of self-loving faggots who probably spend more time in the tanning bed then actually getting some.
The Gotti boys are all actually in small rooms, perhaps 8x10 feet, with bars to keep them in. They don't have power outlets or computers, not even toilet lids.
by Bombheart March 20, 2008
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