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One smart cookie!
A gorgeous girl with a great sense of humour. Although can be a little stubborn at times, she is a true sweetheart.
Someone you can always count on and trust. Very caring and loyal. Knows how to lend a good ear.

She knows what she wants and is extremely talented. Somewhat of a showoff, but in a good way! A girl with an excellent way of thinking. Likes to share what she learns, is Confident and makes an excellent leader. {She never envies, she is happy for!} Alessia is someone you look up to.
Beautiful, Intelligent, Funny, Charming, Respectful, Friendly, Articulate, Loves unconditionally, She has it all!
Alessia is genuinely "The most Amazing Person In The World!"
Alessia is someone who'm you'd love to be with or around in life. Simply Amazing!
by Roxie13 February 04, 2010
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An Italian name for a girl who is the prettiest and most wonderful girl in the world!!

She has a brilliant mind and heart that make her stand out from anyone else.
She will never let you down and can be a push over at times but wll never let you take advantage of her!

Gorgeous girl that blows everyones minds.
She always wants to have the best of everything and achieves it by working hard.
She is patient, nice, honest, a great friend and extremely good looking!
girl: ahhh i wish i was Alessia
Alessia: Dont think that, your pretty just the way you are.
by girl_withsmile August 17, 2011
The most gorgeous person in the world. The definition and epitome of gorgeous.
Hi, my name is Alessia, I am the most gorgeous person in the world.
by auch September 06, 2011
the most gorgeous girl in the world!
every boy wants to be with her,and every girl wants to be her best friend.
she is the most popular girl with a popular group just like the mean girls but not a mean one!
she means well and is very smart!
i love alessia!
i wish i was alessia!
by itellnames April 24, 2014
FAKE TAN! likes boys (so she says) that are wayyy out of her league. Kinda super ugly. AKA fugly slut. Her train tracks on her teeth will blind you when sun hits them. Her voice...breaks mirrors. Thinks she is pretty....but really...she should get plastic surgery ASAP.
Person 1: "Omg does that girl actually think that she can get him??

Person 2: She thinks she is pretty enough to date Jakson (hottie) i guess so.

by Chisaah May 22, 2010

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