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The Duke of Dresden is a barbaric creature that rumor has can be found roaming the streets in East Liverpool, Ohio. The Duke stands around 6'2" and weighs around 190-225. These numbers are not known because if anyone got close to The Duke he would break them.

A freelance photographer recently captured pictures of the duke over the summer of 2008. These pictures depict a man who has lived a long life, but still loves his city. The Duke of dresden attempts to brighten the citizens of the pottery capital of the USA, East Liverpool every morning.

Some of his hobbies include smoking ciggarettes, long walks on the warf, getting tatoos, shadowboxing portajons, running tricks outside of Dan's bar and berating the other Liverpool Legends.

The Duke gives back to his community in many ways. In the Fall of 2007 he built the Helipad for East Liverpool City Hospital. The Duke was quoted as saying "I'm just here to help out." A line of action figures is in the works, where the duke is in series 1 and is projected to be the number one seller ahead of other legends walking stick(with stick), streetcorner(with random yard sale junk), big al(with prostitute) and James (with cell phone).

The Duke of Dresden will continue to be a force in the driving productivty in the city of East Liverpool. Can you say, Duke for Mayor?

The Duke of Dresden East Liverpool
by EAZYE211 September 04, 2008
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