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Similar to landing strip: a rectangular patch of pubic hair above the genitals. If the patch is particularly wide and ends up being more square (or it grows in), it becomes a helipad.
"I shaved my pussy and tried to make a landing strip, but I don't think I shaved enough- it looks more like a helipad.
#hair #pubic #pussy #landing #strip #grooming #brazillian
by jianadaren January 16, 2009
A "helipad" is when one feels an allmighty crap coming and places a rolled up peice of toilet paper in the water to act as a floatation device prior to releasing the "demon within" to eliminate the effects of "splashback"
after a big night on taco bill's "owwww i dont feel so going to have to lay a helipad for this bad boy"
#skid mark #splattered bowl #splash back #big shit #grog bog
by john coffee December 29, 2007
It's the layer of toilet paper you place to cover your shit when the toilet doesn't flush. It's a kind-hearted gesture to save the person who next goes into that cubicle the indignity of seeing your motherload.
Wesley: Whoa!!! I feel sorry for whoever goes in to that bathroom... The toilet wasn't flushing.

Kirsty: Oh man... Did you at least leave them a helipad?
#shit #bathroom #toilet #flush #toilet paper
by ALS05 November 13, 2010
when a head is bigger than a four head and a five head
yo i had this girlfriend one time whos head was huge the bitch had a helipad on her head
#heli #pad #four #head #big
by jggkjg January 12, 2009
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