Exelent Punk band whos feminst and angst filled lyrics make the sole change colour!
The distillers concer in leeds was f**king amazing!
by revenant April 23, 2004
the best punk band that's out there..they have da best vocalist/guitarist EVER..i'm namin my kids after brody..girl OR boy..
the only band that's not made fun of..and do you know why??....cuz they actually got skills!!!!!
"..wat do you think of good charlotte..umm stupid ass pop band..avril lavigne..teeny bopper country girl.. the distillers?.. THEYRE FUKIN AWESOME!"
by Pinkpenguin October 22, 2004
Great punk band, fronted by Australian born Brody Dalle, used to be married to Tim Armstrong of The Transplants, Rancid, and ex-Operation Ivy. Divorced after brody cheated with QOTSA singer. Who gives! she's only doing what everyone else does. whoever you are, you shouldn't hate Brody because of one stupid thing because you know she's beautiful, a mad guitar player, writes better songs than you ever will, and somehow makes screaming the most beautiful sound on earth.
Listen to "Sing Sing Death House" album. Also listen to "City of Angels"
by me.1715 January 14, 2005
extremely hardcore band who rocks out whatever is thrown at them. brody has an incredible voice that even though its screaming, sounds beautiful! if you haven't listened to them really check them out! their songs may be self-defacing (like green day) but they are very realistic. and they use big words ;)
hey you, listen to the distillers™
by karen April 29, 2004
A hardcore punk band that was formed in the LA punk scene. Brody Dalle- the lead singer and rhythm guitarist formed the band after just newly moving to America. The Band has put out three albums including The Distillers, Sing Sing Death House, and lastly Coral Fang. The band also performed the theme for the movie Spiderman. Despite numerous lineup changes, the band still kept a huge fan base. In 2006 the band announced that they disbanded The Distillers, after Dalle had her first child. A new project is coming- Spinnerette, a new band started up by Dalle and the lead guitarist from The Distillers, Tony.
Person 1: Is that a guy singing. I thought you said the lead of The Distillers was a GIRL??!!!!11
Person 2: NO. The person singing is the hottest woman on the planet.
-shows picture of Dalle-
person 1: HOLY SHIT!

Teeny Bopper- "OMGZZ! I'M SO PUNK!!!111 I HAVE A MOHAWK"

Real Punk-"Really now. What's your favorite punk band?"

What about you??"

Punk- "The Distillers"

Teenie- "THE WHO???"

Punk- -bitch slaps-

by Rudyyyy August 19, 2008
Fucking rock!
Brody Dalle Sings And plays lead guitar Beautifully man!
Yo, That chick from the distillers is buff man.
by GirlSkater January 17, 2004
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