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"The Curve" is an alternative method of asexual reproduction, consisting of a hermaphroditic individual inserting his/her penis into his/her own vagina. It's called "The Curve", because of the distinctive shape the penis makes as it's inserted. "The Curve" refers to the act; it can be expressed as a verb with "Curving".
(Verb) "Well Billie, I have both the gun, and the holster, so I'll let you choose. What do you want to do?" "Honestly Sam, I'm content just sitting here and watching you curve yourself."

(Noun) "Wow, she's hot." "If you say so, but it looks to me like she's got The Curve going on."
by Mr. TimeKiller May 24, 2010
The curve on a baseball cap. Without the cruve, earth will fall. The Curve of The Red Hat of Dan controls the world, do NOT anger the curve.

Also see: The Red Hat
Dan: Noooo not the curve!!
Eric: A curve on a mans hat is like a mans penis
Jeff: Ok whoever compairs their curve to their penis is fucking siick
by Mmmegan March 01, 2005
I bent the curve take that dan
hahahahahahahahahaha i fucking hate your hat dan
by Jeff March 04, 2005
A system of grading school tests that's long since become the norm, doing away with the standard scoring of an 81 score making a C+, or 70 making a D-, and anything 69 and under an F. With "the curve," a person can have the highest score in the class, like a 65, and still get an A.
Good thing Teacher used "the curve": I got a 59, ,but I still got an A. Donnie got the lowest, a 14, so he got an F.
by ferdii6069 June 07, 2016
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