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4 definitions by Mmmegan

Being super. Very super.
Megan: It's superdy cold out!
Joe: Superdy?
Megan: Yeah!
by Mmmegan March 01, 2005
Word from Old England meaning to drink or get drunk. Created when people from Enlgland consumed a drink made up of half beer and half whiskey (half and half). When drunk, speech is impaired and plus the accent you get arfanarf.
Megan: I want to arfanarf this weekend!
Julie: Hell yeah!
by Mmmegan March 04, 2005
The curve on a baseball cap. Without the cruve, earth will fall. The Curve of The Red Hat of Dan controls the world, do NOT anger the curve.

Also see: The Red Hat
Dan: Noooo not the curve!!
Eric: A curve on a mans hat is like a mans penis
Jeff: Ok whoever compairs their curve to their penis is fucking siick
by Mmmegan March 01, 2005
Code for boozin it up.
Katie: Lets eat some cake
Megan: I'm up for that

The Next Morning...

Katie: Mann i ate wayy to much cake last night.
by Mmmegan March 01, 2005