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The Crucifix:
Position: Arms spread,legs together.

Definition: The act of fucking four chicks at once; one on your right hand getting Claudioed (finger-blasted), one on your left hand..once again getting Claudioed, one sitting on your face and another chick riding your cock in the reverse cowgirl position.
Burt: I was at the bar last night and I took four chicks home, and I gave those bitches the Crucifix.
Charlie: Unfuckingreal man! Sweet..(high five)
by CEKRJHRMG February 02, 2008
A symbol of the christian faith, depicting Jesus Christ on a cross.

also, in the event of a second coming, a horrible reminder of one heck of a bad day.
seriously. if you came back 2000 years after being nailed to a piece of wood, do you think you'd want to see the damn thing everywhere you go?
A menthol cigarette with a joint through the middle that forms a cross.
Hey man, lets smoke the crucifix.
by kicker781 April 15, 2009
When you are fucking some chik then u stick a cross in their ass while u are fucking them!
I just Crucified my mom!
by Jesse R. and Ben May 27, 2004