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The Country of France. They are the inventors of the six gear tanks (5 reverse, 1 forward) and also have the highest cotton per capita of any nation in the world. They are organized and well prepared. Germany's visit in 1940 provides a great example: store owners had changed their signs to German weeks in advance, children in school recited German instead of the usual French, and the gardeners were working extra hard to put trees up in time for the German soldiers to walk in the shade.
France is also a wonderful teacher. When the US asked France to help them in the "War against Terrorism", France agreed. The next day, the French were setting up workshops in Afghanistan teaching the Taliban how to surrender. France is a large country, but they are peaceful and have never fought a war in history, contrary to popular belief. This is the Country of France.
Q: Where do you find 92,000,000 french jokes?

A: In France.
by SharD October 08, 2004
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