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Deep within the bowels of James River High School, four men belonging to the meanest clique in the white suburbs of Chesterfield, created what has been described as “ a dance that is a metaphor for the streets”. I speak of course of The Condor, a dance that takes skill, dedication, focus and a six foot wing span.

How To Do The Condor: First squat with your knees bowed out. Then balance on the toes of your feet like a triumphant predatory bird on the hunt. Finally, begin to flap your arms in a graceful yet aggressive manor like that of a Condor, letting everyone around you know you are a boss.

It’s best to do the Condor at Prom, pep rallies or in public places in the presence of strangers. Always begin any “car dance” with a solid 45 second Condor. Remember that by doing the Condor you are letting everyone within a 50 foot radius know that you are the shit, simply by paying homage to the greatest avian species on Earth. Long live the CONDOR!
"Wow, that kid is sick-tight at The Condor, I bet he gets all the ladies"
~ Anonymous
by OperationOposition May 26, 2009
When a man gets behind a woman wraps his arms around her waist with his penis inserted in the vagina. Has her grip a hand rail or headboard, lifts his legs and begins flapping them like a condor.
I met this chick last night and gave her the condor!!!
by JCVRLV March 31, 2008
The act of rearing up like a bird mid-cloitis, and screeching like a condor or for the more patriotic, a Bald Eagle.
"Dude so i was fucking this chick in the ass last night, and i totally gave her the condor.
by Cap'n Condor October 24, 2006