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The Combo is a selection of moves to stimulate one's sexual partner. The Combo consists of:
The Shocker IoIIo (two in the pink, one in the stink)
The Rocker \oo/ (index in the pink, pinky in the stink)
The Spocker \\ // (two fingers pink two in stink)
And the Showstopper \III (three in either, one in the other)
Guy 1: Damn man, I hit this bitch with the combo last night, she moaned like a dirty, dirty whore.
#rocker #shocker #spocker #showstopper #fingering #finger #sexual
a total pleasure session with a blow job combined with a hand job - keeps everyone happy...mostly the chick i think. i personally spend more time on the hand job. :)
Boy - "How about a sloppy bj tonight?"
Girl - "How about the combo to satisfy you, you huge stud?"
#blow job #hand job #combo job #chicks are smarter #suck it
by wildwit July 29, 2010
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