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The act of slovenly eating a bucket of fried chicken and then providing a greasy handjob.
Well. . . if you are feeling tired tonight we could just go to KFC and then you could give me the Colonel later.
by magnumPI January 02, 2010
A man whose goal in life is to discipline students. Often known to wear aviators and appear suddenly around corners.
The colonel suspended the shit out of Joseph.
by Bertrand McNally November 06, 2005
when loving a female accomplice is out of the question, get yourself a nice ripe cantaloupe. warm it up in the microwave to desired temp. core a hole big enough for your penis then bang the hell out of it until you ejaculate, if you want chill in fridge and serve it to your friends later.Bonerpetite
i hadnt had pussy in awhile so i did the colonel the cantaloupe was warm and ripe tight fit too.
by rocketmania August 03, 2006
The best mod and the best member at PMGS. :P
The Colonel pwns you!
man who sold his recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Made millions off his family: his family gets 6 cents for every piece of chicken sold to this day. Hardcore avid racist, once even saying (when his customers were primarily black), "I wish all these spooks and niggers would leave my restaurant, then I might get more profits!"
"Man, The colonel is my idol. He created KFC, thats all I need."

"The colonel was a gay racist."
by Fic May 27, 2006
One who owns everyone in a certain room, psychologically:
- a man walks into a maths classroom, strikes fear in the students, and then proceeds to teach them one the most relaxed martial arts, tai chi.
by Danny The Damaja December 21, 2004
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