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A "trick" in which a man staples his scrotum to his leg to make it look like a "butterfly," made famous when Steve-O did it in a night club in Los Angeles.
Guy 1-"Dude, I'll give you 5 bucks to do the butterfly!"

Guy 2-"Who do you think I am, Steve-O?"
by GrimGreeper July 25, 2008
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This is a sex position. The recessive has their legs open, while the dominant strokes and flaps his hands in a butterfly motion to give the strokes more power.
Ikah: Hey bruh, did you get it in?
Gomez: Yeah bruh, I did the butterfly on her
Ikah: What did she say after?
Gomez: Nothing, it was too strong and she died
Ikah: I guess you murdered that pussy... literally
by Sir Pussy Magnet March 11, 2015
when two chicks are scissoring eachothers vaginas, and the guy slips his dick inbetween.
me and my girlfriend and her cousin had the butterfly last night.
by fritzinator March 16, 2009

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