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A sex move that uses the element of surprise, precise positioning and distraction.

While engaging in vaginal intercourse in some variation of a rear entry position (most commonly, doggy-style), the male participant maintains composure until the brink of ejaculation. At which point, he will excitedly taps the consenting female participant on the LEFT shoulder. While she turns her head inquisitively, her mate positions himself to her immediate RIGHT, adjacent to her shoulder. As she swings her head back to the right, the male releases his ejaculate in her face. Thus rendering her dazed, confused, and in certain rare cases, incapacitated.

Examples of possible female reactions to the Blindsider:

Disgust, disbelief, horror, surprise, and in some rare instances, complete acceptance and a request repeat performances.
#blindside #the blindside #doggy style #sex moves #houdini
by skeletor_hunter October 26, 2008
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