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When a girl huffs and puffs and blows your dick in.
She was so dumb, Brandt asked for a blowjob and she gave him The Big Bad Wolf.
by Joejobspinata December 07, 2008
The Big Bad Wolf is a slang term used mainly by enjoyers of the substance marijuana. It deals with three smoking apparati: the bong, the bowl, and the gravity bong. One must intend to be extremely high to complete a true Big Bad Wolf. To complete the action one must smoke a bowl, followed by a gravity bong rip, followed by a full bong pack, completed by an additional gravity bong rip. Each action must be completed before the next action is begun (i.e. one may breathe/talk/move in between rips).These actions can be done in no more than a period of a twenty minutes. This action is normally done in pairs.
Yo you down fo' The Big Bad Wolf.
by M_Bass April 01, 2009
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