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The act of a girl putting her head between the legs of a boy who has pulled his pants down and covering his penis and pubic area with her head
My Father once said to me "Son, marry any girl who is willing to start big bad wolfing with you, take a picture of it and whore it out for karma on Reddit"
by doodledip October 26, 2011
V. Ejaculating on a woman's chest after sex, turning all the lights off and shining a UV light on her chest, which will cause the ejaculate to glow, much like the arc reactor in implanted in Tony Stark's chest in the popular Marvel comic Iron Man.
Guy 1: Milly was wondering why I put a UV light above the bed yesterday. Tonight she's in for a surprise.

Guy 2: Haha, dude you should totally send me pics of you iron manning her!

Guy1: No. That's just weird Chad, get a girlfriend already you huge creep.
by doodledip March 04, 2012
When the blink of the indicators on a car matches up with the beat of a song on the radio
PIMP 1: "Damn bitch, dis shit is mother fucking BLINKER BEATing to my home dawg fiddy cent"

PIMP 2: "yep my indicators be pimpin"
by doodledip August 19, 2009

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