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The effect achieved when a large group of ignorant and insecure pubescent boys attempt to cover up their smell with excessive quantities of Axe while at the same time forgetting to bathe regularly. The resulting smell is a combination of that of severe B.O. and that of a severe chemical spill.

The Axe Effect is especially prevalent in tenth grade hallways.
Person A: "Damn! What the fuck is that smell?!"
Person B: "Oh shit man, that's The Axe Effect!"
Person A: "Let's get the fuck out of this grade 10 hallway!"
by The J-Spot January 11, 2005
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What happens when you wear Axe.

Does not help you get past bad looks if you are to ugly, but wearing Axe means you do not have to be smooth.

Effectiveness decreases with amount of Axe used. It works best with just a spritz.
Too much, on the other hand, could keep Johnny Depp from getting laid.
See also The Axe Defect
Do not press the button down all the way.

You should hear a gentle "pssss" sound if there is not background noise.
If you can hear a loud "PSSHHT" sound that interrupts the local shoot-out, you are using to much Axe.

TIME: 1 second per pit, .5 seconds anywhere else.

FREQUENCY: No more than twice within 24 hours, except in the case of extreme physical exertion, in which case the limit should be 4 times.
by tanukisanyo June 05, 2005
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1. The result of spraying axe.
2. The attraction and arousal of any woman within a 10 foot radius.
The Axe Effect can make even butch lesbians go straight.
by SirOwnzAlot February 28, 2004
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