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Interjection; Short for there's no way. Impossible. Improbable. No way that happened. Used in disbelief or shock.
THAYERS DUDE! I told you to be here hours ago!
by mr thayers September 15, 2010
78 3
there is no way
beedon - i fucked the hottest girl in school

girvin - thayers
by ImSoFresh December 29, 2010
40 1
The definition of a rebel or a bad boy

It comes from the arabic word - 'thoura' which means up-riser
Person A: look at me, i'm smoking a cig!
Person B: dude you're not Thayer
by TutsiDaisi December 16, 2009
49 15
Huge bombs. Gazongas. Rack o'heaven.
Did you see the thayers on that one? They're huge!
by Danny Noonan November 27, 2005
51 53