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Same as a "Brain Fart", meaning a lapse in memory.
I thart I remembered our anniversary date, sweetie, but I was wrong!
by Henry Harmison July 14, 2008
5 8
A combination of thought and heart as a description of a way to live. Also: the meaning of life.
Weary Traveller: What is the meaning of life oh wise and exalted one?
Crusty Hermit: Well, you see, is a river, see, thart.
W.T.: Ah! And all this time...
by Reht Omru Oy February 27, 2005
53 16
To use the shitter at work, resulting in just a fart and sitting on average 25 minutes, 4-5 times daily.
Look guys, theres JT heading in for his 4th thart and it still not even noon!!
by foundryRat July 20, 2011
4 3
thart is when u think hard and fart at the same time.
"i just tharted"
by TPenn March 13, 2009
7 14
The feeling that you have to fart but when you try you really shit your pants.
I hope that Russ does not thart in the meeting this morning.
by Jon Sendelbach May 12, 2004
8 34