a day that celebrates heling each other in times of need. also about killing native americans, but lets not think about that part.
white guy: happy thanksgiving!
native american:i gave you corn, you killed my people...
by supercoolawsomefantasticguy November 21, 2007
Modern Definition: An American tradition where people gorge on turkey until they puke and visit their relatives to eat even more turkey. Usually the stores start to get flooded with Christmas shoppers at this time.

Real meaning: Originally celebrated by the Pilgrims (early north-American settlers) as a remembrance of the time when they took full advantage of the local Native American tribes' knowledge of the land, invited them all over to a feast, slaughtered them all the next day, settled on their land, and looked westward to the vast, unconquered land that lay ahead of them.
I had barbecued pork ribs and fries on Thanksgiving day. To Hell with turkey. (heh heh heh)
by sarcastic November 26, 2003
Stoner's favorite holiday.
Sean smoked four bowls and then went to thanksgiving dinner.
He ate four plates of mashed potatoes.
Then he killed a pumpkin pie.
You go sean. You go.
by craYYYzay November 19, 2010
A mind-fucking holiday in which we take part eating the only animal that gobbles (That I know of), and commemorate our first contact with the real Americans (Before we made them our bitches).
"Happy Thanksgiving!"
-"Dude, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving."
"Why not?"
-"Why the fuck do you?!"
by Wang Lung Ho November 25, 2010
longform for "Thanks" - the product of mobile phone autocorrection gone wrong - see yards
Thanksgiving for cleaning up the bathroom.
by Graham Fairbank December 19, 2007
National Obesity Awareness Day
Golly! This thanksgiving, Uncle Frank ate 8 pieces of turkey, 4 stuffing balls, 2 helpings of mashed potatoes, half the dish of corn and green beans, AND went back for seconds on his pumpkin pie! No wonder he broke grandma's new dining room chair...
by ConcernedAmericanCitizen12 February 01, 2011
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