The coolest girl who you will ever meet. So fun and down to earth. Black hair, beautiful and so sweet. Everyone loves a Teya! They always bring such positive energy and laughter to the room. Teyas are always so creative and come up with awesome ideas. They tend to trip over their shoes sometimes but they always play it off cool ;)
So fun hanging out with Teyas! Perfect combination of sexy and cute.
"wow I was with Teya last night!"

"I had such a great idea!"
by girlbitch2 February 08, 2013
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Heh,a tall,kewl girl who i've become pretty gewd friends with. She can be a hard core bitch,but she's really one of the best people you could ever meet. And DAMN she makes me laugh!!!!!!!
1. Mooooooooo!
2. I-fucked-Tom-in-my-bed-last-night!
by Elyce. April 06, 2004
extremely attractive, intelligent redhead, often referred to as 'goddess'
by Anonymous August 29, 2003

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