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The phase of a prospective relationship where two people are only talking to each other primarily through text messages and emails, characterized by enjoyable conversation. Textual tension is often followed by actual conversation which brings about new types of awkwardness.
E: Dude, I just totally broke the Textual Tension with Catherine!
G: You met her somewhere?
E: Nah, I just called her.
by Doduare March 29, 2011
When you say something stupid or awkward in an instant or text message and no one wants to respond. It usually ends in a deserted conversation.
Kate had mad textual tension when bobby said he wanted to do it from behind.
by William Arthur Johnson July 10, 2008
This occurs when two people build up sexual tension via text messages.
"Yo Sara and I were texting so hot last night, the textual tension was astronomical"
by The Prince of Sandy Hill November 10, 2009
when a man and a woman are in a textual relationship and things are not going well.
mark: hows Karen?
Joe: ehh, things aren't going so well, we're experiencing textual tension. (shows hatemessages on phone.)
by hubbie rogin October 30, 2007
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