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A person who operates your handheld device while you are driving or otherwise incapacitated.
My girl Nena is my Textratary when we go on road trips. She's awesome! I can keep up with all my texts while I'm driving! I love multitasking!
by Rey The Word Creator October 28, 2010
In cities where there are bans on texting while driving, the textratary is the title given to any person, usually whomever is sitting in the passenger seat of the car, that will type out your message for you so that you can have a conversation with your friends. The only down side to this is that the textratary could end up talking to all of your friends while your driving.
As soon as Jim gets in the car he gives his phone to his textratary so that he can focus more on the road.
by Crusnik151 January 06, 2010
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